4. NGP Single herbal granules for compounding
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1. E-Fong Single herbal Granules for compounding in Bottle (5:1) and Sachets.
All products must be compounded prior to consumption.
2. Tianyi and Jia Chen Acupuncture Needles
3. TDP Lamp (Chongqing Xinfeng)
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Sichuan Neo-Green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter referred to as
Neo-GPT) is devoted to the R&D, production and marketing of TCM herbal granules for compounding
formulae and is one of only six TCM herbal granules manufacturers withGMP approved by the China Food
and Drug Administration and the sole company in western China. Our main focuses include herbal granules
GAP planting, decoction piece GMP production and formula granule GMP production. Our focuses also lie
in the R&D, production and servicing of smart TCM pharmacies. NGP is one of a few TCM enterprises with
vertical integration in the field of TCM hrbal granules in China.